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AESA – The Architects, Engineers & Surveyors Association, Pune, is a unique body constituted 53 years ago in 1970, as a result of a growing need for all professionals in the construction industry to come together and join hands for the betterment of our City. A group of senior visionaries – eminent practicing Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Academicians, driven by a common passion to create and shape the changing face of Pune City came together and founded AESA in 1970. These visionaries laid the principles and objectives of AESA – viz. sharing of knowledge, adopting ethical practices, and working collectively to establish a harmonious rapport with the City Administration.

Celebrating the legacy of Masters (gurus)

Ar. Rohit Raj & Ar. Vandini Mehta
on Er. Mahendra Raj.

Ar. Sachin Agshikar on Ar. Charles Correa .

Ar. Shubhra Raje on Ar. Anant Raje.

Ar. Jayant Dharap on Ar. Mohd. Shaheer.

Presentation on Business Bay and
Hotel Ritz Carlton by :- Ar. Madhav Joshi.

Panel discussion with all the speakers, moderated by Ar. Khushru Irani.


Amongst the principal activities undertaken by AESA in the past 25 years, are various AWARDS instituted to appreciate and promote Quality and Excellence in Architecture and Engineering, and to create awareness of good quality and professional ethics in the Society. Over the years, AESA Awards have attained a high prestige and honour as a recognition of excellence in professional work amongst Architects, Engineers, Developers and Students.

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